2021 CO2 DAC Adsorbent Work

In 2021 our firm with with Georgia Institute of Technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Trimeric, was awarded a DOE Bench-Scale Testing of Structured Material Systems or Component Designs (TRL 3) for Optimized Direct Air Capture “Hybridizing heat-integrated 3D printed modules with mass manufacturable, low pressure drop fiber sorbents” — Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia) seeks to… Continue reading 2021 CO2 DAC Adsorbent Work

2020 CO2 DAC Absorbent Work

In 2020 our firm with with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was awarded a DOE:OTT:TCF-2 grant, building upon our prior DOE:OTT:TCF-1 grant for “Integrated Process for Direct Air Capture of CO2 and its Electrochemical Conversion to Ethanol“ Department of Energy Announces $33 Million for 2020 Technology Commercialization Fund Projects | Department of Energy Our team has… Continue reading 2020 CO2 DAC Absorbent Work